Family Life Assembly exists to be an evangelical Holy Spirit filled and empowered church that is genuinely living and convincingly sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to the city of Anacortes and surrounding region. We seek to make disciples that look like Jesus Christ, loving how He loves, doing what He does and going wherever He sends us.     

1.Church Unity: Local believers committed to one compelling vision that is Holy Spirit lead and Christ-Centered. This vision will communicate God’s preferred future for what lies ahead.

2.Uncompromising Truth: The truth and standards of this church come from the word of God which is and forever will be absolute truth.

3.A Church of Small Groups: A church where everyone is connected to some expression of small group involvement. This will create opportunities for encouragement, fellowship and spiritual development.

4.A Diverse Church: We value that God’s Kingdom is welcoming to people from all ethnic groups, cultures and generations.

5.Working in Excellence: We are committed to always seeking to improve what we do. We will never settle for giving anything less than our best for Jesus!

6.Lifestyle Evangelism: Encouraging all believers to look for everyday opportunities to impact the lost, leading them through God’s love and kindness to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

7.Equipping for Ministry: We are committed to training and coaching Christians, so they will grow and develop into there God given positions in the Kingdom of Heaven.

8.Strong Marriages and Family: We will provide tools, programs and opportunities for marriages to grow in intimacy, love and unity so that they are strong and divorce proof.

9.Pursuing God’s Presence: We believe that in God’s presence is life, peace and Joy! Therefore, we are committed to creating an atmosphere through prayer, praise and worship that lifts and exalts God passionately. We are a church in pursuit of God’s presence!

10.Hands and Feet: faith without works is dead. Family Life is committed to doing what we preach and teach and giving every member of our church an opportunity to love and serve the world we live in real ways that reveal Jesus is alive in us.

11.Creative Methods: We believe in being open to innovative ways to reach our world that are relevant to our times and cultural settings without compromising the truth.

12.Responsible Stewardship: We value learning God’s way of managing our current resources to eliminate debt and maximize our potential to invest in the work of the gospel.

13.Health before growth: We believe healthy churches will grow and become strong and vibrant in their communities. Therefore, we will emphasize strengthening people and ministries in a way that brings wholeness to broken people.

14.Great Commission centered: The message of good news found in the grace and mercy in Christ is only good news if it arrives on time. The command from Christ to preach the gospel to all people is not completed therefore we must be about this most important task.

15.Accountable and Transparent: All leadership from the top to bottom will be accountable, teachable and transparent to the congregation and people of our region.

16.More than a Social Club: We believe Christ came to establish the church as a family, a living body and a redeemed people who do not just attend but who commit with there lives to the greater purpose of Heaven in the earth. We are not mere attenders of a church, but we are members of a moving, living and working body.

17.Mentorship through Apprenticeship: We believe that people best learn the principles of the kingdom through working alongside the faithful, patient and humble servants who are already in the trenches. We believe everyone should be a mentor and an apprentice at the same time.

18.Holy Spirit Power: We are convinced that God can do more to reveal Himself to the world through His church than most churches are willing to let Him. We are committed to letting God the Holy Spirit lead our every decision to ensure our church has blessing and favor.