Family Life's endeavor is to create a warm culture of love and a family atmosphere on Sunday mornings that draws people together towards Christ. Our hope is that your visit is an encouraging experience. As you enter the front doors you'll sense a casual atmosphere with people of all ages gathering and doing life together.

Don't forget your gift

  • Every family that comes to church for the first time receives a special gift from our greeters as they enter.

Where do my kids go?

  • A host will be available to help you drop kids off in their desired locations                           
    • Nursery (0-3 years) are just pass the bathrooms
    • Preschool program (3-5 years) are located downstairs.
    • Children's church (K-6) in the youth and children's chapel just on the other side of the foyer  
    • Room for mother's with babies next to nursery.
    • (Note: the first Sunday of the month children join their parents in the auditorium for worship and then are dismissed to their programs)
What is service like?
  • Church begins at 10:30 with worship and a time to meet and greet.
  • Our worship is dynamic, passionate and Christ centered. We have a great worship team equipped to lead the congregation into the presence of God. 
  • During worship we have prayer partners available to connect with anyone who would like prayer.
  • The message is bible based, inspirational, empowering and usually lasts between 30-40 minutes. We provide in depth notes to help you get the most from the message. 
  • The scriptures are presented on projection screens.
  • We usually invite anyone who wants, to join us in a time of prayer at the end of service. This time of prayer at the altar concludes the service.
  • Following service there is coffee and cookies in the foyer.
Meet the Staff & Pastors
  • At the end of service we invite any new family to meet the staff and pastors to answer any questions they may have.
Remember to Connect with Us
  • We encourage visitors to fill out a connect card so that we can follow up with you and your family and share with you important upcoming events for the whole family to participate in. The connect cards are located on the back of the pews.